I’m running for Congress to give District 8 Republican Primary voters a viable, appealing candidate that can win the General Election – an independent minded citizen, like you, who will focus on creative, common sense solutions to ¬†our challenges.

I’m not running to divide people; I’m running to find common ground on issues that affect all of us and move our nation forward. We have tough issues to address; let’s get to work.

Like most of you, I am appalled at the influence of money on politics and the corrosive affect on all of us. I recently read that the greatest threat to our democracy is not the inequality in incomes, rather the inequality of our voice in government. I agree with that premise. I am running to try to give all of you an equal voice.

To that end, I will NOT accept donations from special interests or corporations. I am aware of the importance of these groups and their power, but if the People’s House is going to represent you and others equally, then we have to find a way to do so. A small donation from many will be more than enough to fight a successful campaign!

I am running to give all of you the greatest access to the House of Representatives, the People’s House, that technology, creative thinking, budgetary constraints and hard work will allow.

First, our office will post in advance a list and description of all upcoming legislation with our analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the legislation and allow all of you to comment on how you would like our office to vote. When we make the vote, we will explain why. Our goal is complete transparency. Not everyone will agree with each vote but you will have input and you will know why we voted a certain way.

Second, we will NOT have a stationary district office, rather we will have mobile offices. We will come to you to find out how we can be helpful and to listen. I and members of my staff will make ourselves available in person and I promise that we will have local town hall meetings in every nook and cranny of the district – one every two weeks. Our goal is to be the MOST constituent responsive office in Congress.

Third, we will offer, publish and advocate creative, common sense solutions to the other Members of Congress across and within party lines. The hallmark of a successful democracy is its ability to find solutions and our goal is to revert the trend toward polarization and partisanship and restore civility and respect.

Fourth, we will develop forums and advisory committees that will encourage all of you to participate and contribute in accordance with your time and interests. We want to distinguish your district as the most open, active and responsive in Congress. Our goal is to become a model for the nation.

This is my vision for all of us – that we give ourselves the opportunity to change what we know in our hearts and minds is broken and to approach this task with courage and commitment. We can ask no less of ourselves and each other.

I’m all in; I hope you are too!